Today's News, June 24th, 2010

     Misery.  It's 120 degrees in Iraq this summer and many Iraqis get 6 hours of power a day.  After some protests, the Minister has resigned and a new guy is going to try to take care of the problem created by the American invasion seven years ago.

     India now hopes to extradite Warren Anderson, in charge of Union Carbide when the Bhopal disaster happened, which eventually killed 15,000 people.  From their home in Hamptons his wife said he's sick and he's been haunted by Bhopal.  It is possible, although not confirmed, that some homes on the Hamptons wouldn't have him over for parties.  No reports on how he has been able to manage the snubs.

     The Malaysian government is obviously getting pretty badly corrupt since they've decided to cover their asses by banning published books of cartoons which criticize them.  I guess they've never heard of the internet.

     LANGUAGE AND THE NEWS: Recently there was a conference between France, Germany, Poland and Russia.  One of the first things they thought they could fix was Trans-Dniester.  It's an area with Russian speakers inside Moldova.  Today Moldova is demanding the Russian troops leave.  Not very helpful, that.  If it were up to me the Transnistrians, independent for nearly 20 years, would join their neighbors in Ukraine and Moldova would get absorbed into Romania.  The Transnistrians seceded back in 1991 because they were worried Moldova would become part of Romania.  Moldovans speak Romanian.  Part of the issue is that this little "fake country" of Transnistria is rife with all sorts of criminal activity.  The Ukrainian authorities, if it were part of the Ukraine, could handle it better.

     The major Jamaican drug smuggler, named Coke, is heading for America today, to face trial.

     Some strikes in France over plans to increase their retirement age, one of the lowest in Europe.  Some strikes in Italy against government austerity measures which, the transport unions say, hurts the poorest workers the most.

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