America is Right of Center, More Conservative than Europe

     I'm sure you've all heard that and, whatever the reason, for good or ill, it is true. 
     Well, if not Europe, what countries are about as conservative as America, and who is more conservative than us? 
     Let's use one metric, "religious/traditional" versus "rational/secular."  According to one of the largest surveys in the world, America is about as traditional as India, Poland, Vietnam and Northern Ireland.  We come out a bit more rational/secular than Turkey, Portugal, Indonesia, Chile or Argentina, and a bit more traditional/religious than Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Croatia, Spain and Australia.  The most traditional?  El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Tanzania and Morocco.  The most secular/rational?  Japan, Sweden, Norway, E. and W. Germany (these polls started when they were two countries) and the Czech Republic. 
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