The Catholic Church Inadvertently, I say, Encourages Molesting Little Boys

     I believe the abstinence program imposed on officials of the Church is what causes pedophilia, inadvertently.  The Church is denying exactly this is the problem, I think, because they know it is the problem. 

     Priests who are trying to be abstinent don't go to strip clubs.  They don't go to night clubs, either.  They probably don't go to nude beaches.  They probably avoid all the "scenes" where they know they will be tempted.

     Priests try to be celibate so they must be on their guard for temptation.  Priests are probably closely on their guard when in the presence of women showing a lot of décolletage.  They are probably also on their guard even around some men, because they know some men are gay.  And they are probably also on their guard around young women, even very young women now that menarche begins as young as 7 or 8. 

     If you were a rational, heterosexual, attempting-to-be-celibate male Priest you would probably feel safest around young boys.

     And yet, the desire to have sex hasn't really gone away, now has it?

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