Advice for the Lazy College Student

     I really like a variation on the Yerkes-Dodson law. If there's no pressure to do something, it won't get done for apathy. If there is too much pressure to do something, it won't get done because one will crack under the pressure. There is an optimal amount of pressure to get anything done.
You aren't feeling that pressure.

     There would be two natural reasons for that. Either the pressure isn't there, or your sensitivity to it is out of whack.

    Maybe the pressure isn't there. Then keep your powder dry and wait for it.

    Maybe the pressure is there. Then you have to ask yourself "What am I doing with my life that desensitizes me to the pressures of the world around me?" Perhaps it is just college life, where you have a roof over your head and a food in your belly without regard for how you proceed. It's not any sort of hell, but heaven, and, for many people, the last time you'll probably ever feel that way.

    If you are rich, you probably won't feel the pressure, either.

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