A Second Place for National Health Insurance in a Republic

Earlier I put forth the idea that communicable diseases was the place where everyone should get together; national health insurance for communicable diseases is consistent with our interests.

This morning, probably inspired by the discussions of health care yesterday, I realized another place where it makes perfect sense, preventative care.

I am here referring to things like nutrition (vitamin pills), exercise (gym memberships). In fact it is in all of our interests to make sure all of us aren't paying insurance premiums when we all get sick. In fact, it is clear that not only do we all save money on health care costs when we all don't get sick in the first place, but society itself operates more smoothely, less people call in sick, less people need to go on disability and replaced at their jobs, and the older, wiser folk will tend to live a little longer. All good things, and good for all
of us.

Also, since most private health insurers don't do that much in terms of preventative care, it means the government wouldn't be moving in on private industry.

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