Is it racism, or is it coincidence?

     Rep. Addison "Joe" Wilson is a man who stands up for racism, so he's a racist.  I'm sure plenty of the people against Obama today are racists.  If you were a real racist, wouldn't you be?  Lots of the players on the right, leading these vitriolic protesters by the nose have no problems with race discrimination, it's crystal fucking clear when they talk about what "white" or "black" people do, are, or like.  Are "white" people one way, and "black" people another?

     But is it racism?  It's sore loserism.  Did you ever wonder why so many right-wingers latched onto the "Sore/Lieberman" campaign poster motif in 2000?  I certainly did, at the time.  I didn't feel like a sore loser, and I had been very happy to vote for Albert Gore, Jr.  Pat Buchanan knows those 3,000 votes in Palm Beach County were for Al Gore, Jr., everyone knew, but George Walker Bush, a man without honor, accepted the victory anyway. 

     So why did the Republicans latch onto the sore loser idea?  I feel now like the answer is that's how they'd feel.  It is clear that huge numbers of Republicans, although certainly not all, are bad sports.  Similarly, although less culpable, there isn't a responsible Republican in power willing to talk these people down.  There isn't a major media outlet willing to treat them with the same level of interest and scrutiny as the anti-Bush protesters.

     It's a topsy-turvy world, where the most insane and ludicrous of us all are commanding the most attention.

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