The Media Is Destroying the Republican Party:Sarah Palin Announces She Would Waste Millions (Update 2)

Serious Republicans, their ideas, and their legisation, are ignored as Our National Press Corps concentrates on joke-of-a-candidate Sarah Palin..

One need not look further than her resignation speech today to see what a joke she is.  She explains that if she were to stay in office she'd waste more money than most people earn in a lifetime, and lots of time, too.  Some parts of "politics as usual," a phrase she has used more times than anyone knows, is electing people who, well, if not competent, at least put on a good show of it.

Our National Press Corps, apparently, want Sarah Palin to run in 2012.  They want her to run and lose.  I guess a lot of the Republicans want to justify their own faith in her in 2008.  And the Democrats, I guess, both enjoy a good laugh and would like to win.

UPDATE 1 (same day): This is all about a scandal, not about a run for the Presidency.

UPDATE 2: No, I was correct in the first instance, this is about the Presidency.

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