The Money Supply

Generally it is rightists who complain about the government's ability to print money.1

With technology nowadays, we could almost say that, to print each $300,000,000 dollars2, they just deposit $1 into everyone's bank account.

You might think this is radically egalitarian, but it isn't as long as long as it is the government which actually decides when to disburse funds.

1. Alan Greenspan, Milton Friedman, Ron Paul, this type of economic rightist generally says that simply allowing the Federal Government to print money is a recipe for disaster, because they will just print a ton to be rich (because they are stupid).  That's why, for instance, inflation reached nearly 0% in 2000.  More importantly, that's why these Lumi-fucking-naries want the value and quantity of money fixed to Gold, since the government can't just "make" more gold.  In fact, in the present year, almost 2/3rds of the world market in gold is in jewelry, and the biggest proportion of that is in India.  These lumi-fucking-naries want inflation pegged to fashion sensibilities on the Indian subcontinent.  These people have jobs.  These people have jobs related to the economy! back

2. I suppose I could have said billions, and made "us" into the world, but I haven't, and we do have different money supples.back

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