The Republicans Eat Each Other

Charlie Gibson is moderating a debate of the Republican candidates for President.

It's like Thompson, Romney and Guiliani never heard of Syria 1949, Iran 1953, Iraq 1963, the general perception of Middle Easterners concerning Sadat and the King of Jordan (bribed tools of the west?) as they relate to Israel and get billions from America, Lebanon 1981, the bombing of Qaddafi (resulting in the death of his daughter), understand the perception of Pakistani people relative to their English speaking government, the non-UN-approved 10 year post-Kuwait-invasion US/UK bombing campaign in Iraq, the support of the absolute monarchs in KSA...

How can ANYONE let Guiliani and Thompson say nothing went wrong before 9/11?

The last good deed was the Suez Crisis, right? Over 50 years ago.

I can not say whether Guiliani, Thompson and Romney are ignorant, or stupid, have been led to this kind of idiocy, or they are actively attempting to deceive Americans.

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