Christianity is not the basis of this Country

George Washington and the first Congress make crystal clear what ought to be the basis of the laws of our country.

In his first speech to the 1st Congress, George says that "private morality" should be that basis, and the Congress replied back that President Washington had it right.

Reported in the Annals of Congress, Washington says "the foundations of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality." He mentions the Creator and the Divine in this speech many times, but not one word for Christianity.

The first Congress of the United States replies back "We feel, sir, the force, and acknowledge the justness of the observation, that the foundation of our national policy should be laid in private morality."

Makes me hope to be even more moral, privately.

It also puts lie to the innumerably repeated Republican party lies. Will anyone call them on it? Ever?

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